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The Card Resource Group Inc. was established in 1994.

Company Description

When it comes to your search, shouldn’t you be involved every step of the way?

With internet job postings and electronic résumé submissions, it’s easy for employers and candidates to get lost in the transactional process of recruiting. The recruitment process should answer your needs, not create frustration!

We know that employers are real people with problems they need to solve by hiring the right person, and candidates are real people looking for the right job with a great company. We keep the focus on the human side of the search process. We match senior-to-executive roles with the right candidates, bringing communication, feedback, and honesty back into the process – leading to success for employers and candidates.

Web URL:
Phone Number: (614) 475-7745
Email: [email protected]
Full Address: 2155 Second Concession West, RR #1 Lynden, ON

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Card Resource Group
The Card Resource Group Inc. was established in 1994.