Find recruiters, based on your specific needs

Let our experts personally guide you in locating the most compatible firms or professionals.

Retained Recruitment

  • Carry out a comprehensive requirement analysis to provide you with a comprehensive review of all recruiting engagement models.
  • Screen thousands of relevant recruiters and search firms to identify suitable match.
  • Help negotiate the contract with your chosen recruiting firms.

Low flat fees driven by an auction model.

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Find candidates, based on your specific needs

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. i-Recruit can put your hard-to-fill jobs in front of more recruiters than anyone else.

Contingency Recruitment

  • Instantly send your job order to our vast network of contingent recruiting partners.
  • Access millions of job seekers when thousands of top recruiters compete for your job order.
  • We triple-check all candidates to ensure quality and provide you with dedicated support on top of full coverage from our recruiting partners.

Solid guarantee on all placements.

We never charge for posting roles or collecting and reviewing applicants - pay only when you hire!

20% of first-year salary for Full-Time hires (payable by employer). Fully refundable up to 90 days.

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Advanced Tools For Your Recruiting Needs

We also offer advanced recruiting and applicant tracking software through our subsidiaries and exclusive partnerships. Our goal is to provide any size of business an affordable and simple way to manage the entire recruiting process efficiently.

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