Energy Headhunter

Energy Headhunter

United States, Texas, Houston
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Global executive search firm serving the energy industry.

Company Description

Do you want to gain access to the very best talent in the energy industry today ...most of whom are not looking for a job, but who are turning in top results for your competition?

Are you looking for more quality candidates for your positions and tired of struggling with the negotiations to land the candidates you need today?

Welcome to EnergyHeadhunter. We cover the full spectrum of executive search for the energy industry. As headhunters, our practice is always looking for people with the following backgrounds and we have the most up-to-date information to help you in your search:

Energy swaps

Energy options

Energy derivatives

Energy hedge funds

Risk management

Sales Oilfield Supply

Electric power trading

Crude oil refining

Crude oil marketing

Crude oil trading

Refined products

Sales Energy Services

Carbon trading

Natural gas processing

Natural gas marketing

Natural gas trading

NGL trading

Energy Co Executives

As headhunters, we use our extensive contacts to help in international executive search, both in the contingency search and retained search assignments. Human resource professionals appreciate our reach into the Houston, New York, London, and Singapore markets, where the headhunter net is very important.

Our searches also include energy company corporate officers, engineers, and board of directors. At EnergyHeadhunter, we also have a strong diversity practice, building a better future for all talented people.

Web URL:
Phone Number: 713-661-7000
Full Address: EnergyHeadhunter, PO Box 270514, Houston TX, 77277-0514

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