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Preston & Company Executive Search

Canada, United States
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Company Description

Preston & Company is an executive search firm specializing in the financial services, retirement and insurance industries. We help bring great companies and great candidates together, and we’ve been doing it since 1992.

The boutique nature of our firm allows us to work and collaborate with our clients on much deeper levels. In addition to sourcing premier candidates through our diverse, curated networks, our industry experience gives us the opportunity to provide expert guidance and consultancy throughout the entire search process.

Our team of veteran recruiters has acquired a vast depth of experience in multiple practice areas, including Asset Management, Retirement, and Insurance. We understand both the challenges and opportunities unique to each industry, and we’ve spent the past 20 years building and maintaining an expansive network of talent that spreads across them.

Regardless of the level of experience, the specificity of niche, or technical requirements of your role, our team can help you find the right candidate who exceeds expectations and aligns with your organization’s unique culture and vision. Whether it’s a Chief Investment Officer or Director of Insurance Sales, partner with Preston & Company and feel confident you’ve found your next top performer.

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Phone Number: 1-908-730-7400
Full Address: 12 Lower Center St, Clinton, NJ 08809

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