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United States
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Delphi-US is a national technical recruiting and staffing agency specializing in contract and direct hire IT and Engineering placements for clients throughout the United States.

Company Description

Delphi-US is a leading provider of IT talent recruiting and placement in the United States. Our services include the provision of specialized IT, Engineering, and Professional resources, project staffing fulfillment, staff augmentation, temporary and direct-hire, Executive Search, and managed services for the contingent workforce.

Industries Served:

  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Media and Publication
  • Major Retail
  • Energy, Utilities, and Oil & Gas
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Government & Defense Specialties
  • Application Development
  • Data Science/Big Data
  • Business Analysis/Project Management
  • Network Infrastructure/Security
  • Cloud Engineering/DevOps
  • Systems Administration
  • Desktop Support
  • QA/Test
  • Business Intelligence
  • Life Science/Engineering
  • UI/UX/Front End Development
  • Quantitative/Financial Engineering

Delphi-US brings true best practices to the industry and a fundamental approach that drives excellence in results for our clients and consultants. Known as 'The Peacemakers in The Talent War'?, Delphi-US seeks to join the best and brightest of our knowledge workforce to select employers of choice throughout the United States.


IT Talent Acquisition, Recruitment, Staffing, Contract Placement, Full-Time Placement, Sourcing, Training, Candidate Placement, Technology, Big Data, Data Science, Application Development, Business Analysis, Project Management, Network Infrastructure, Network Security, Cloud Engineering, DevOps, Systems Administration, Desktop Support, QA, Business Intelligence, ERP, Life Science, Engineering, UI/UX, and Quantitative/Financial Engineering

Web URL:
Phone Number: 4014802379
Full Address: 360 Thames Street

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