Whitham Consulting Group

Santa Rosa, Sebastopol


A retained boutique search firm that performs searches for executive level candidates and mid level executives. Recruitment of entire teams and departments or individual searches.

Company Description

Launching an Executive Search firm is not for the risk adverse. Recruitment firms have a 50% failure rate in the first 4 years and by the 5th year only 3% of us are still standing.  With those odds, anyone would be crazy to do it. But that is exactly why The Whitham Group was created.

When Carina Whitham founded the company in 2010 she knew the firm would succeed due to a gap in the market. After hearing many horror stories from candidates about their experiences with Recruiters, it was time to change the game. How a recruitment firm treats candidates is a direct reflection on your organization. If your organization hires a search firm and that firm leaves a negative impression on your candidates, the candidate is likely to tell 10 people about the terrible experience they had with your company. We are your direct link to the front lines of where the war of talent really exists. There is no stronger ambassador to your organization than Whitham Group.

Our mission statement:

To provide an ‘invaluable’ service that greatly contributes to a company’s or individual’s business success while communicating our values that reflect environmental, ethical and social consciousness.


Whitham Group is an executive search firm originating from the Bay Area. We are a team of experienced, professional executive recruiters who provide the highest quality candidates for our clients. We understand that finding the right headhunter to represent you in the five, six, and seven-figure talent market is a mandate. The quality of your management opportunities are often tied to perceptions about the quality, credentials, and experience of the messenger you choose to engage.

Whitham Group is the messenger of corporate career opportunities, yet we are also salespeople, entrepreneurs, serial networkers, brand ambassadors, and an extension of your current leadership team. We make crucial judgments about who should be given an opportunity to compete for positions within your organization and who should not. Whitham Group are experts at making the most crucial candidate screening decisions.

Whitham Group is already immersed in the Renewable Energy, Utilities, Construction, Environmental Services, & Cleantech industries and has a vast network of professional contacts. An All-In-One Staffing Firm cannot keep all of those contacts fresh. We operate exclusively in renewable energy and we know all of the players in the industry.

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