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Open since 1994, we have always believed that we are limited only by our own vision, creativity and ethics. There is no point in being the same as everyone else.

First and foremost, the fact that our company has a soul and is firmly rooted in our Mission, Vision and Values makes us very different and innovative. How can you operate an organization that affects the very livelihood of thousands of people without being philosophy-driven? How can a business that only deals with people be focused on anything else but people? Our approach struck a chord: when we opened our doors in 1994, we saw our revenue increase by over 22,000% in the first four years. Customers and job seekers yearn to do business with a staffing partner that listens, cares, admits mistakes and is trustworthy. We were proud to see a change in the staffing industry as a result of our values-driven approach.

We were one of the first staffing companies to provide full benefits to temporary employees. We believe the example we have set has influenced competitors to step up to the plate. Recently, legislation has finally been introduced mandating a minimum level of benefits to temporary employees.

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