Rigney Dolphin Recruitment

Ireland, Dublin
Generalist, Local


Specialises in executive and technical placement throughout Ireland.

Company Description

Contact Solutions

Here at rigneydolphin we excel in delivering an outsource contact centre to various client around the world. We do this in many ways with many moving parts but we always get the job done.

With various tools at our disposal we work together as one unit to deliver what we believe to be the best service in the world.

Staffing Solutions

We are experts in human connectivity. We offer a range of staffing solutions that can be adapted to suit whatever specific needs you have.

Whether onsite or offsite, sales or technical support, outbound or inbound campaigns, we have the experience, infrastructure and flexibility to respond quickly to your needs.

Specialised Services

Rigneydolphin not only provides staffing solutions, we also ensure that employees are always fully engaged and motivated, as this is an integral part of life here.

We provide a range of quality, training, and monitoring services to keep employees energised, something that has maintained our success.

Virtual Assistant

Rigneydolphin, in collaboration with Interactions, offers a fully automated Intelligent Virtual Assistant system that emulates human language interaction to perform customer service tasks.

Based on deep neural networks and machine learning, the system that blends artificial and human intelligence.

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