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Korn Ferry

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Global firm with offices in 40 countries.

Company Description

Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm

We work with clients to design their organizational structures, roles and responsibilities. We help them hire the right people and advise them on how to reward, develop and motivate their workforce. And, we help professionals navigate and advance their careers.

At Korn Ferry, our responsibility as a global corporation is central to our vision. Our commitment to act ethically begins with each of us and is embedded in our core values, which guide the way we work together and with others. We have programs to find, hire, nurture, and reward our talent. We sponsor initiatives that improve the way we work and live and give back to the communities in which we operate. We respect the environment and help to protect it for future generations.

We believe in the following:

Positively impacting the communities we serve

Fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce

Reporting on sustainability practices

Operating with the highest ethical standards

Web URL: http://kornferry.com
Phone Number: 800-633-4410
Full Address: 1900 Avenue of The Stars, Suite 2600, Los Angeles, CA 90067

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