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Avenica Recruiter

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GradStaff places college grads in entry-level professional positions.

Company Description

Avenica is an innovative education-to-work platform focused on bridging the skills gap to connect more people to better career opportunities. Unlike traditional employment agencies for college graduates, Avenica provides high-impact training, a comprehensive career discovery process, and personalized coaching helping thousands of people launch meaningful careers.

Making the entry-level hiring market more efficient.

Avenica is an education-to-work platform that offers a hiring experience beyond that of a typical recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) company. We leverage unique partnerships with colleges and universities to find untapped talent in a variety of skill areas. Working with students as they finish their education, we define right-fit careers based on interests and current skills and provide high-impact training experiences aligned with the most demanded skills from our clients’ open positions. Our platform provides digital connectivity for convenience and ease as well as a human connection for accuracy and best-in-class support and service.

Bridging the skills gap.

Between inaccurate resumes and job descriptions with too many experience requirements, entry-level hiring is fraught with mismatches and mistakes. The solution: hiring for the person, not the resume, and train for the rest.

An innovative approach to hiring.

Unlike traditional staffing companies, Avenica doesn’t actually do any recruiting. In fact, Avenica doesn’t employ any recruiters. Through high-impact marketing and strong relationships with educators nationwide, Avenica intakes more than 120,000 candidates each year, and instead of conducting a simple resume screen to assess job fit, Avenica engages in an in-depth, high-touch process that includes career discovery, coaching, mentoring, last-mile training, and interview preparation. After spending anywhere between three hours and three months with a candidate, Avenica carefully matches that candidate based on skill and capability, but, more importantly, based on value alignment and culture fit.

Whether we are working with an English major to uncover analytical skills that we bolster through training on data science software or we are coaching the recent computer science grad on how to effectively engage in digital storytelling, our teams across the country are seeding the future of work through transforming untapped talent into high-impact professionals.

Web URL: https://avenica.com/
Phone Number: [email protected]
Email: 612-339-5332
Full Address: 708 First St. North STE 245 Minneapolis, MN 55401

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