Global Technology Solutions Group, Inc.

Global Technology Solutions Group, Inc.

Arizona, Phoenix, Evansville, New Cumberland


A provider of IT consulting solutions and services across the majority of most common platforms.

Company Description

About Global Technology Solutions Group

For years now, GTSG has been making a difference with our clients.  For some, it means improving the efficiency of Information Technology as a business; for others, it comes in the form of improved resiliency.  Others tout our ability to actually understand their problems and design solutions that build a solid foundation for future growth.  Forward-looking change - not just change for the sake of change.  Helping companies realize the full potential of Information Technology by leveraging their people, process, and technology in a solution that is viable, actionable, and sustainable.  That's what GTSG is all about. 

What's it like to work with us?

First-time customers don't know us.  We could be just another consulting company.  Good news though - we're different.  Ask our existing customers about us. Nothing speaks better to the reputation of any company than its present and past customers. We're happy to provide you references.

Engaging us is as simple as you want it to be.  We prepare whatever you need in terms of scoping, deliverables, staffing plans, etc.  Once that is firm, we begin to work with your procurement and legal teams to satisfy our mutual requirements for engagement documents.  Once engaged, we will, with your agreement, conduct a kickoff meeting at which time your Executive Sponsor will introduce us and the combined team.  From that point forward, your onsite GTSG Service Delivery Manager will see to it that the project runs smoothly.  Issues will come up - no doubt.  However, with our focused oversight of the project and the early detection, issues become a resolved item on the status report - and do not escalate in to critical project impediments.

What makes us special

We listen.  We walk in the door realizing that you know what the problem symptoms are.  You may or may not know what the root cause is, but in either case, you know how it's impacting your business, its history, and how critical it is that it be addressed quickly.  You also understand the strategic aspects that the solution must provide. 

We've been there before.  Working in hundreds of clients across nearly every industry sector give us unparalleled insight into your situation.  This isn't to say that your problem might be the first time we've seen it - but if it is, we have the methodologies and logic to go about analyzing it, dissecting it, providing short-term mitigation, and working with you in the strategy and design of the longer-term solution that is optimal for you.

Our engagement methods and processes.  We don't enter in to an engagement in a haphazardly manner.  We engage in a very focused and methodical manner.  In the early moments of an engagement, these methods may seem unnecessary - but as time progresses, the purpose becomes abundantly clear.  Methodologies remove "emotion" from critical technology decisions.  With methodologies, the decision is distilled down to black and white fact about the problem, the business requirements, the solution capabilities, the tradeoffs of the decision, and the cost and effort to implement and stabilize.

We're not finished until you are satisfied.  Your success is critical to us.  Without it, we can't call it a day.  We want you to be "super satisfied" with the relationship you have with GTSG and the results you get from us - every time.  It may sound like fluff, but a company our size needs every single customer to be happy.  We want to count you in our many happy customers and have one more testimonial for GTSG.

Last, but certainly not least, our Staff and Leadership team.  No one gets to where we are and stays there without some incredible talent.  We're a company dedicated to the recruitment and retention of that talent.  Turnover is bad for any company - but when a company is built on the combined intellectual capital of the team, it's clearly more damaging.  The Leadership Team of GTSG brings years and years of vast experience and knowledge to the company.  It is their vision and blueprint for success that the company strives to achieve.

Web URL:
Phone Number: (877) 467-9885
Full Address: 7804 Fairview Road Suite 208 Charlotte, NC 28226

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