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Gina's Tech Jobs is a top executive search firm with a group of information technology recruiters in Chicago working with companies all over to help fill their IT recruiting and staffing needs.

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Gina’s Tech Jobs is a top executive search firm with a group of information technology recruiters in Chicago working with companies all over to help fill their IT recruiting and staffing needs. We are a technical staffing firm and top executive search firm in Chicago providing IT staffing services across the U.S.

We believe in a thorough, ethical approach to IT recruitment. Too many executive search firms and IT recruiting firms are only interested in numbers, placing as many candidates as possible without paying enough attention to needs, skill sets and genuine career opportunities. This leads to a high turnover of staff and has a negative financial impact on businesses and individuals alike. Our main commitment is to ensure that we place the right people in the right roles, improving retention rates across the industry and ensuring that we develop long-lasting relationships that are built on trust and our unique attention to detail.

We are not a high volume, quick turnover firm. We deal with full-time roles and real career paths, not temporary stop gaps. The candidates we place receive support and often find themselves in dynamic roles that offer progress up the career ladder. For the companies we represent, this is cost-effective, motivating and helps them present themselves in a positive light as employers, in an era when these kinds of values are, unfortunately, too often overlooked. In short, at Gina’s Tech Jobs, we are passionate about people.

Gina’s Tech Jobs has excelled for more than 25 years and has been the IT recruitment company of choice for many companies in the United States. Our objective is to serve as a trusted consultant for all of your IT staffing needs. We understand what it means for candidates when we find a job that gives them not only a source of income but also dignity. We understand just as well what it means for companies when we find the talent they need to succeed and develop. Chicago headhunters that specialize it the IT job market.

Behaving with integrity has been a key characteristic since Gina’s Tech Jobs was formed over 25 years ago. This continues to be fundamental to the ethos and activities of our organization. One reason that clients and candidates continue to turn to Gina’s Tech Jobs is our focus on business ethics, and we use what we consider to be our industry’s best team. We are a top executive search firm in Chicago with a group of experienced information technology executive recruiters providing IT recruiting service nationwide.

The IT recruiting industry and business have changed dramatically since the foundation of Gina’s Tech Jobs in 1995, but our core values regarding service quality and ethics have remained unchanged. Those fundamental principles are at the very heart of everything we do.

We want to work with IT professionals as they progress in their careers and as companies expand their business. Anything other than the most professional experiences will destroy the degree of confidence which we work so hard to achieve.

Ethics, integrity and trust at our IT recruiting and staffing firm are a given. Without those traits we cannot succeed. Confidentiality is a prerequisite for hiring and with everything we do, we value that. We exude integrity in every area of our organization.

Gina’s Tech Jobs offers our IT clients the diligence and thoroughness they need to meet their unique technical recruiting requirements. We are proud of our integrity and authenticity and committed to our clients’ total satisfaction. We are a Chicago top executive search firm with a group of information technology recruiters providing recruiting service nationwide. Chicago IT headhunters for technical professionals with all levels of IT experience.

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Gina’s Tech Jobs is one of the top Chicago area IT staffing agencies providing IT executive staffing solutions. Our tech headhunters and IT recruiting agencies in Chicago provide technical staffing resources for recruiting information technology professionals. We are one of the top executive search firms with a group of information technology recruiters in Chicago.

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