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Evantage Recruiter

United States
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Focuses on IT and finance, with experience serving Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Software Development and Financial Services companies.

Company Description

Evantage, LLC- Practice Leader, Technology and Finance

Evantage, LLC was established to provide responsible results for complex Technology and Finance assignments. The firm services Bulge Bracket Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Software Development and Financial Services Companies. Our proven client relationships, talent network, and knowledge of organizational structures lend to the backbone of our success in this fast paced industry.

As a Practice Leader, Evantage leads dialogue on client differentiation strategies, develops research plans and directs teams of recruiters against quality and time commitments. We offer expertise across a wide range of technology segments and financial products including:


Fixed Income


Web URL: http://evantagecorp.com
Phone Number: 212.268.3933
Email: [email protected]

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