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Consultis Recruiting

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Information Technology Solutions Provider

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Relationships Matter

Your success hinges on connections made with other people. Whether you want to transform your company or career with leading-edge IT projects, the right relationship makes the difference. Since 1984, we’ve brought together top businesses and exceptional tech talent, helping both sides aim for excellence and achieve their goals with our proven, consultative approach. What’s our secret? Look no further than our three cornerstones.


We’re not an “in-and-out” vendor. Instead, we forge genuine, long-term relationships. As a result, many of our relationships have lasted for decades.


Our services are people-centric. We take a consultative approach by learning your goals, wants, needs, and unique requirements from top to bottom. It’s the hard way but the right way.


Unique processes aren’t much without a measurable ROI. To walk the talk, our team follows proven, quality-driven methods that enable 96% of our partnered projects finish on time and on budget.

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