Challenger, Gray & Christmas

Challenger, Gray & Christmas



Providing outplacement programs for executives, middle managers and long-term or highly valued employees

Company Description

Put simply, as outplacement experts, we help people make better job changes than they could on their own, leading them to more successful careers, and creating happier alumni for their former employers. Explore more about our company to learn why we are best equipped to coach your people in effective career transitions.

Our Background: We possess a vast experience in outplacement; managing executive departures, middle-management restructurings, downsizings and plant closures.

Who We Are: We are job search experts, executive coaches, and emotionally supportive counselors helping people find meaningful new work.

Seamless Domestic/Global Services: As a founding member of Career Star Group, we provide consistent high-quality outplacement and executive coaching services to multi-national companies anywhere in the world.

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Phone Number: 312-332-5790
Email: [email protected]
Full Address: 150 South Wacker Drive Suite 2800 Chicago, Illinois 60606

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