Butterfass, Pepe & MacCallan, Inc.

New Jersey


An executive search firm specializing in the financial services industry, recruiting financial professionals to major asset managers, commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions

Company Description


No generalist search firm can match our knowledge

of the asset management marketplace or our proven

record of success.

No generalist search firm can match our knowledge of the asset management marketplace or our proven record of success.

Our 7 keys to success
For more than 30 years, we've focused on providing our clients with top performing professionals and teams
in asset management. The keys to our success?

1. Trust - We are open and honest. We have confidence in the integrity and fairness of our team.
2. Integrity - We believe in acting responsibly and ethically, encouraging open and honest interaction with clients and candidates.We strive to be accurate in all communications with clients and candidates and encourage them to exchange relevant and accurate information.
3. Service Excellence - Our success in completing assignments is based on developing a solid relationship with our clients. We have a strong service orientation and make it easy for our clients to work with us. We are responsive and let our clients know what to expect from us; we adhere to our timeline. We have built trust based on delivered results.
4. Teamwork - Our team is dedicated to our clients; we make it a point to ensure our team is part of your team. We serve our clients loyally, protecting our clients' interests.
5. Passion - We are passionate about our business and have worked to create a culture built on trust and respect for all team members.
6. Diversity - Our search practice is built on seeking diverse talent with multiple perspectives, encouraging and fostering diversity among our clients and our community. We consider different points of view while effectively and respectfully resolving conflict to achieve positive business outcomes.
7. Innovation - We are tireless when it comes to creating unique solutions.

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