Arizona Medical Exchange

Arizona Medical Exchange

Arizona, Phoenix
Permanent, Local


Arizona Medical Exchange specializes in staffing full-time permanent positions for private medical practices in the Phoenix-Metro area.

Company Description

In 1987 two experienced medical practice managers decided to find an answer to a problem they had complained of for years - Finding Good Medical People.  It had always been an issue.  They knew they were ‘out there’, but finding them was nearly impossible.  They spent hours poring over resumes, interviewing, paying for expensive ads, engaging with general employment agencies that did not understand medical job descriptions, and wasted training time with poorly trained individuals sent by agencies.  There simply had to be a better, more satisfactory, less expensive way.


They made their plans!  They devised a system of attracting qualified people with exceptional work ethic, proven experience, good employment references, people who truly had a desire to find a permanent medical office that ‘fit’ them. 


They offered medical practices a replacement policy unparalleled anywhere in the medical industry to provide the ultimate ‘assurance’ on any selected candidate at an affordable fee.  They also selected medical-office experienced counselors to conduct in-depth interviews with each practice to concentrate on exact position requirements, counselors who would be intent on fulfilling each and every individual need of the practice.  


Tough expectations, but they did it - Arizona Medical Exchange was born!

AME Philosophy

When we say 'your practice is our priority' we really mean it.  We show it in the way we work with medical practices and candidates every day.  It is the main reason we have our industry's best and largest practice and candidate referral networks.


As medical practice staffing specialists we understand how crucial having the right staff is, not only to the practice, but also to the patients who depend upon the practice for their health and well-being.  We pride ourselves on our integrity and we are dedicated to the proposition that almost no client request is unreasonable, no deadline unrealistic.  This credo separates us from all the others.


At the same time, we value our relationships with candidates, most of whom have come to recognize us as the unrivaled Valley source of better healthcare related positions.  They trust us to treat them in the same straightforward manner that we do our client practices.  The mutual trust we have earned, from both our clients and the candidates, create a win-win situation for all of us involved in the vital placement process.

Web URL:
Phone Number: (602) 769-3853
Full Address: 777 East Missouri Ave. Ste 209 Phoenix, AZ 85014

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