Andre David and Associates, Inc.

Andre David and Associates, Inc.

Boutique, Generalist


We work on a retained basis to conduct searches for our select client base.

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andre david & associates, inc. is an exclusive broad based boutique firm established in 1985 specializing in executive search. Throughout the years our menu of offerings has expanded, along with the growth of the company, to include leadership modification, conflict management/resolution and system design, career transition support and executive assimilation.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: We provide the highest level of service to our client base which includes a who’s who list of over 50 Fortune 500 companies as well as businesses that may have as few as 1,000 employees.

LEADERSHIP MODIFICATION: We assist our clients in: (1) developing high potential executives; (2) addressing derailing behavior in executives; and (3) developing a comprehensive plan to modify the behaviors to support the client’s objectives.

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: We implement a conflict management and resolution system where conflict, distrust and poor communications severely impact company performance and its bottom line. We instill positive communications and introduce relationship building skills through an interactive training approach.

CAREER TRANSITION RESET: We provide support, direction, and guidance for executives and groups exiting organizations. Individualized consultation and strategy assistance are personalized to each situation.

EXECUTIVE ASSIMILATION: The assimilation of new talent into an organization is crucial to the success of that organization. Management support and endorsement is an essential element in the future accomplishments of a newly hired executive and the team members he/she is about to inherit.

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Phone Number: 972-250-1986

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