James L. Dooley and Associates



Specializes in recruiting executives for managed healthcare

Company Description

Innovative Staffing and Recruiting Group. Helping people all around the world get their dream job and source companies with the best HR Services.

Our business has a positive impact on the people every day. Helping people to “better job, better life” is our common purpose and the way in which we contribute to society. This is what we do, this is what we know about, this is what we care about, and this is what we are all about.

To inspire individuals and the companies to work more effectively and efficiently, and create greater choice in the domain of work, for the benefit of all concerned;

To lead on the process of growing and maturing the market within Albania and in the region;

Establish the trust towards this business and contribute and impact on people’s lives;

Expand the company by adding another branch in another country in the region;

Gain new clients;

We build our business by understanding the needs of our customers and finding new and better ways to meet those needs.


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