Idaho Legal Staffing, LLC



A full service online legal staffing firm specializing in the temporary, temporary-to-permanant, part-time and permanent placement of attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries and various legal support staff.

Company Description

Specializing in the temporary, temporary-to-permanant,  part-time and permanent placement of attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries and various legal support staff.

When you use a temp through Idaho Legal Staffing, we assume all the administrative costs and handle all the administrative functions. We interview and screen each candidate and maintain all employee records. Once a candidate begins working for you, they are treated as an ’employee’ of Idaho Legal Staffing, not as an independent contractor. You are therefore relieved of all the costs associated with Social Security, unemployment tax, workers’ compensation, vacation pay, holiday pay, sick pay, personal days, pension plans, health and life insurance and payroll. Despite this freedom, you always remain in control of the assignment and,at any time, you are free to cancel the employee’s services without further cost or obligation.


Strategic use of temporary legal staffing gives you the convenience of a flexible workforce, while reducing the ever-increasing costs associated with the recruitment and retention of permanent employees. Events like a sick call or maternity leave and tasks such as large document productions, due diligence reviews, or appellate briefs no longer have to overburden your permanent staff or cause you to unnecessarily over hire. You decide when you need the extra help and for how long you need it.


As an alternative to traditional methods of recruiting, Idaho Legal Staffing offers a cost effective program that allows prospective employers the opportunity to observe candidates on a job before extending a permanent offer. During the evaluation process, you enjoy all of the same benefits provided by traditional temporary staffing, while being able to evaluate the candidate’s performance in the particular position.


Idaho Legal Staffing also provides traditional direct hire placements. In addition to providing you with candidates from its current pool, Idaho Legal Staffing will also actively recruit and screen exclusively on your behalf. Idaho Legal Staffing’s placement fees for traditional direct-hire placements are competitive and client satisfaction is guaranteed.


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