TNG Bridge

China, Japan, Korea, Canada, Central & South America, India, Middle East, United States
Serves Big Companies, Consulting, Contingency, Contract, Permanent, Retained


Professional Recruiting/Headhunting services supporting next generation R/D. 20+ years experience developing innovative and sustainable candidate generation strategies.

Company Description

I provide confidential headhunting services for senior thru executive level hiring requirements where complex technical and leadership skills are required.  20+ years experience across agency, corporate, federal vendor, US national lab and consulting environments lend me the ability to quickly and succinctly understand position requirements, delivering a strategically cultivated candidate slate.  My professional network enables successful confidential search results - often reaching industry luminaries who would otherwise remain passive.

Web URL: n/a
Phone Number: 01-425-941-9140
Email: [email protected]
Full Address: Idaho

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